Chiang Mai Cooking Course

I was born in a family of restaurants. All my knowledge came from my familly and their friends. Some of my eariest memories are of pounding curry pastes and the bitternut for my grandparents. I love the smell when Thai ingredients bind together. I learned most of my knowleadge from a kitchen that wat situated next of a temple. Ninety five percentages of Thai are bhddist. They believe tha the first and best quality food and flowers must be prepared in the early morning and offered to the monks. My grandparents ran the kitchen.

Only the best ingredients and the finest traditional recipes were used. My grandparents loved to pass their knowledge onto all youngster. They often told me that I was their favourite because I had such a passion for cooking and worked very hard. I think my family for all their guidance, experience, encouragement and inspiration that started off my 24 years of cooking Thai food. I have been writting this version of my recipe book since 1995 when I opend on my First cooking school. “THAI CHOCOLATE” is a term I use for chilies to entertain my students I now have so many recommendations and requests for my knowledge, courses and recipes that I have decided to complete thes my forth recipe book. When I was in Cannada on 1990 I found some of the Thai ingredients hard to find but now in the century. And I have a Thai restuarant in Adelaide Sa, Australia. Thai food has become so popular that access to ever the most unusual Thai ingredients is easy. Haft the fun is searching for the ingredients! my belife is that cooking is one of the best ways to communicate with other human beings. I hope that you will enjoy and learn from my family's secrets. My wish is that I give you enough knowleadge to make the once that you love happy!!




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